Taxitramas – “A little more of Brazil”

Em nossa série de posts com Mauro Castro, autor do livro Taxitramas, como empresa de tradução fizemos uma parceria para divulgar a obra de Mauro para leitores estrangeiros. A história de hoje com executivos japoneses é muito legal. Divirta-se!


Last week, I was working with a group of Japanese men. Executives interested on making business in our state. As most of them didn`t speak any Portuguese, some taxi drivers who knew English were called to help them.

The executives were organized. They came with a schedule and an address list, everything very clear. All we had to do was take them somewhere, wait for their visit and bring them back to the hotel. Of course, everybody needs a break, so between meetings our Asian friends wanted to know a little more of the country where they were doing business. Is there anyone better than a cab driver to show them the real Brazil? Continue reading

Taxitramas – “Brazil for Germans to See”

I picked up this young couple right outside a university campus. The girl explained that her boyfriend was a German, in Brazil for a students exchange program. Before returning to Europe, the young man had decided he needed to visit a slum at any cost. He couldn’t stop thinking about it after watching “Tropa de Elite”.

The blonde guy had a spark of curiosity in his eyes. He couldn’t speak Portuguese. While the girl asked me if it would be possible to drive them there, he was pure expectation. When I agreed to it, he smiled from ear to ear.

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