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Nowadays, with the expansion of the SaaS (Software as a Service) sales culture, you and your company can buy software from any place in the world, as well as making your own software available for global sales with the support of a translation agency specialized in software localization services.

For software development companies, a global software needs to be developed in English, there is no other option. In this case, the English translation of the entire software, from the screens and Online Help to the User Guides and the website, if your software is sold through the internet, is one of the most important factors of your project.

Attraction and Conversion of International Customers

The global consumer culture does not care about the source country, however, as English is the most popular language in the world, the quality of communication with your end user is essential. Remember that at the same time that the SaaS culture expanded the sales reach for a global market, the possibility of changing for another software is also big, so you have to not only attract and convert the customers, but also do your best to transform him in a loyal customer.

As the best channel to attract new customers to purchase systems in the international market is through digital marketing, creating bilingual websites is something that should be planned even before developing the software, as it could also help to validate the product and analyze the project viability. Learn more about our website translation services so your company is ready to support the demand of this audience.

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Software localization is a broader translation, where we consider the vocabulary and its context, as well as the business area, the usability and communication matters, in other words, everything that makes the end user experience more positive and expands the potential for new sales. The difference between hiring a complete specialized service and simply using a translation software can be difference between success and failure of a project.

Another very important point related to software localization is the importance of the correct English translation of terms and expressions from the Brazilian market, like for example, from the fiscal, accounting or human resources areas. We make a complete analysis, either for translation services from Portuguese to English when you need a global software, as well as from English to Portuguese of you are bringing a new software or technology to Brazil.

Experience in Software Processes

We apply project management methodologies to guarantee that all steps of your translation services are planned ahead, and that all delivery dates on the schedule are met, with a quality assurance plan to guarantee the quality you need to attract new customers for your software. We have professionals with more than 15 years of IT experience in our team, with many projects in different business areas.

Meet Spark English, much more than a translation company. Your new business partner, with trained professionals and large experience in customers of all sizes, to support your company’s growth.

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