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Communication efficiency is essential for companies, both when communicating to your international units with a single voice, and when publishing content directed to customers and potential leads. Currently, we also have digital content standing out as one of the formats with the best cost/benefit ratio to generate new sales.

For those companies that somehow work with communications in English, even when they have collaborators in their teams who know the language, in certain situations it is important to guarantee the quality of the published content. Because a few language or vocabulary mistakes can make the difference on closing a deal or getting a new investment, not to mention the impact on the customer base if incorrect information is published.

That is why Spark English, in addition to all translation services that support different segments and needs, also offers proofreading services in English and Portuguese as a lower-cost option to validate the content in your documents, allowing companies that have professionals with English skills in their structures to optimize their investments and reduce the publishing and delivery times.

The team of our translation company has experienced professionals with knowledge in several business areas and different communication types used by companies. Furthermore, we use quality assurance tools and an internal control process that provide a quick return to the customers with the necessary corrections, and the transparency for the area hiring the services of what was done on the texts.

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Proofreading is an economical way to guarantee the quality of your company’s communication and as examples, we can mention services done for our customers on sales presentations, press releases, company blog posts, training material for internal teams, among others.

Academic Proofreading

We have a specialized team in the translation of scientific texts, supporting different research segments in several Brazilian universities. Furthermore, for the professionals who seek to publish their technical texts in international publications, we also offer academic proofreading services for those situations when the translation was done internally, but there is the need for the validation of a specialist.

Book Translation

For authors and publishers who need book translation services, we also offer proofreading services of literary texts already translated to English, guaranteeing that your work is ready for publication, taking advantage of the new online distribution channels that allow you to reach the international market.

Website Translation

For companies that already have a bilingual website in English and Portuguese, however, the content was generated through translation tools and needs validation, in addition to our website translation full service, we offer review services of the content published online, which can be also extended to the blog posts of our customers.

Audio Transcription

The companies that generate content in audio and video for online publishing know the importance of SEO to transcribe this content in text to increase the possibilities of being found by Google and other search engines. In addition to our full audio and video transcription services we offer our customers review services of the content generated through transcription software, guaranteeing that the information consumed by your customers have the excellence that your company requires.

Meet Spark English, much more than a translation company. Your new business partner, with trained professionals and large experience in customers of all sizes, to support your company’s growth.

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