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Until recently, having meetings among different units of a company, internal training sessions for collaborators or training events regarding a service or product update, could only be done in person. This triggered large costs for airfare, lodging, allocating rooms and equipment, as well as wasting the team’s time to go and come back from events.

With the improvement of internet connection and the availability of virtual communication tools easy to use on personal computers or mobile devices, many companies started to realize the effectiveness and lower costs of making the same meetings, presentations or training events in an online format, avoiding the costs and risks of travelling. In addition, they can use the current technology not to only hold these events, but to record them and make them available for those who didn’t have the opportunity to participate at the time the event happened.

Consecutive Interpreting x Live Interpreting

When events have attendees who communicate in English, there is the need for live interpreting or online interpreting services, so these events really reach the desired results and everyone involved fully understands the subjects discussed. For small and medium size events, the high cost of English live interpreting services is a deterrent factor for most companies, and many times, the results achieved do not provide return on the investment.

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At Spark English, we offer online consecutive English interpreting services, provided by our translators through the online communication tool chosen by the customers for their events. Consecutive interpreting is a translation service where the company instructor or professional talks for a certain period of time and makes a pause for the translator to communicate in the other language what was said.

As a translation company, the services realized during the last years at our customers prove to us that this is the ideal model for events like online training, sales presentations, in addition to meetings between different areas of an international company. The quality of communication and a lower investment when compared with live interpreting services or the travel costs of a translator have provided excellent results for companies that use this model.

Technical Translation

Most of the training events serviced by our translation agency are related to specific subjects of the company business, so it is necessary to have a background in the subject that is being discussed for the content translation and interpreting to be effective.

Therefore, our team of specialists in different business areas is ready to support the needs of our customers. We also service requests for urgent translations of meetings and training events.

Meet Spark English, much more than a translation company. Your new business partner, with trained professionals and large experience in customers of all sizes, to support your company’s growth.

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