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According to ABNT (NBR 6022, 2003, p.2), a scientific text is defined as a “publication with stated authorship, which presents and discusses ideas, methods, techniques, processes and results in several knowledge areas”. The dissemination of this article through the international community depends on a translation company specialized on the translation of scientific texts.

The current scenario presented to the academic community shows an increase on the Research and Development volumes, as well as the increase in the number of scientific publication channels that can be accessed online. The search for academic texts has grown and thereby, the requirements by the journals related to the research conventions, academic writing standards and how the selected texts are formatted.

The goal is to use the scientific text to report original studies and their results, making them publicly known by the community interested on the subject. This helps the marketing and dissemination of the science, as well as increasing the exposure to new audiences who are seeking information on these subjects.

Academic Translation

Since the academic professionals put all their effort during a long period of time to create a scientific text, it is essential to choose a translation agency that has experience on executing services of this nature, so the English translation on the document can describe exactly what its creator wished to report. Thus, the professional expands the reach of publications that can publish his or her article and also achieve international recognition. It’s a worthwhile investment.

The translation of scientific and technical texts in English is a very specific task that must be done by a specialized company, and the professional translators of Spark English have the necessary knowledge and experience to guarantee the quality you need. We service customers in several universities throughout Brazil.

Advantages of the Translation of Scientific Texts

As you translate your scientific texts, you expand the possibilities of attracting new people interested in your work and can take advantage of a series of advantages:

– Submission of texts to well regarded international publications, and if published, this can propel your academic career
– With a larger volume of journals, the probability of your work being read by more members of the academic community increases. As peer-review is essential for credibility of technical texts, international exposure for your work is extremely valuable.
– Invitations for academic conferences, where the presentation of your article can attract an exclusive audience and expand your network.

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Areas of Research

Among the areas of research that we support with the specialists of our translation company are:

– Medicine
– Pharmacy
– Biology
– Agriculture
– Environmental Sciences
– Physics
– Chemistry
– Mathematics
– Engineering
– Robotics
– Philosophy
– Psychology
– Sociology

International Science Journals

Currently, there are several science journals and magazines that will accept the submission of your articles. On the CAPES Portal, from the Brazilian government, you can access for free most of these journals and create a list of those you wish to contact.

An important point that you must check is the journal’s impact factor, in other words, an indicator that measures the relevance of the journal based on the number of citations for the articles published on it.

We listed below some journals with high impact factor available online. Make a search and find the ideal platform for your translated scientific text:

The Astronomical Journal
Accounts of Chemical Research
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics
Journal of Electronic Materials
New Journal of Physics
The Journal of Cell Biology

Types of Projects

In addition to the translation services for articles, Spark English has experience in the translation of different types of projects to support all the needs of the academic community:

– Thesis
– Dissertations
– Academic Books
– Technical Documents
– Abstracts
– Final Papers

Review of Scientific and Technical Texts

For those professionals who know English and performed the initial translation of their texts, we offer proofreading services for these texts, focused on the language matters of the scientific translation as well as on the formatting requirements to successfully publish them on scientific journals. Our editing team is formed by native and experiences professionals to increase the chances of being published on the journal you want.

Back Translation

For more specific jobs of a certain area of research, presenting complex vocabulary standards, Spark offers Back Translation services, a methodology that guarantees the quality of the translated information and of the interpretation used by the translators.

Academic Transcription

We also offer audio transcription services for all scientific and technical areas, to support the academic community in their researches and papers for their PhD and Masters programs.
Learn more about our Audio and Video Transcription services.

Meet Spark English, much more than a translation company. Your new business partner, with trained professionals and large experience in customers of all sizes, to support your professional and academic growth.

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