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In a global market, the possibility of buying or selling products and services to any country in the world is realistic, in a B2B or B2C model. In Brazil, even with the high labor and tax costs, the technological and tax obstacles are being increasingly reduced, and it has become more attractive for Brazilian companies to sell abroad, as well as for international companies to sell in Brazil.

Even a small company, working with Inbound Marketing and Digital Marketing techniques can find markets for its products or generate a new revenue stream through a SaaS model. At this moment, the company needs to have Service Terms and Conditions, in addition to contracts in English and Portuguese, to gain the trust of its customer, as well as guaranteeing the sale.

Legal Translation

It is not a secret that language used on contracts and legal translation is very specific, with terms and expressions that most of the population would have a hard time understanding even in their native language. However, one needs to follow this vocabulary standard to guarantee that the contract terms and conditions protect both parts and are compliant to national and international law.

When the subject is contract translation or legal translation, one needs to have experience in this activity and on using the terms and expressions in English and Portuguese that will maintain the legal validity of the document. Literal translations or those executed with free translation systems or by an unexperienced translation company are a huge risk for the company or person signing this contract.

An important reminder is that every lawsuit in Brazil, in case a contract in English is used as the foundation, must have its content translated to Portuguese. Furthermore, in any international negotiation it is important to guarantee that there is no misunderstanding of the clauses that later can cause additional costs for both parties involved.

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Types of Contract Translation

Our team is experienced in the English/Portuguese and Portuguses/English translation of several types of contracts, such as:

– Software License and Sales Agreement
– Products or Services Terms and Conditions
– Real Estate Sales or Rental Agreement
– Loan or Grant Agreement
– Goods or Services Purchasing Agreement
– Company Statute
– Translation of Laws and Regulations
– Translation of Terms of Use
– Translation of Power of Attorney, Petition and Claim

Just like in all our translation services, we offer our customers a confidentiality agreement, to guarantee the safety of their information.

When to hire a certified translator?

Certified translation services are only required for specific documents, which need to be translated by a certified professional. Examples of documents that need this service:

– Driver’s licence
– Birth Certificate
– Marriage Certificate
– Passport
– University Diploma

For our customers that need support finding a certified translator in their cities, our translation agency helps in this process.

Meet Spark English, much more than a translation company. Your new business partner, with trained professionals and large experience in customers of all sizes, to support your company’s growth.

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