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Video has become the most popular tool for content consumption, and this fact is also valid for companies. YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world, only behind Google, showing that people consume videos of all types and for all purposes.

At the same time that dubbing videos in Portuguese allow access to an audience that would not consume a video originally in English, the rejection rate for dubbed productions also is very large. Especially for productions with dialogues and personal presentations, artistic or corporate, video subtitling is the best solution to make international productions available for the Brazilian audience and Brazilian productions for the international audience.

Corporate Video Subtitling

Companies have realized that creating training session videos for their internal teams, making videos of their products and services available for digital marketing strategies, recording corporate videos for the market in addition to using videoconference for meetings and presentations, is the most efficient format for sharing content, strengthening their brands and reducing costs.

For companies that have a global product or service, those thinking about starting their process of internationalization, or for companies with international units, creating videos in Portuguese for the local market or in English for the international audience, is an essential activity. Recording a single video and hiring the services from a video subtitling company offers a better return on investment.

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Translation Techniques

Ensure that the information on your videos, or on the videos used by your company, are translated in English or Portuguese using the specific language of your market, without mistakes that can be found in literal translations that many times can be seen even in content from the entertainment industry, like TV series or movies. Subtitling movies is an activity that involves the combination of software and professional translators with deep knowledge of the content to be transcribed.

Subtitling and Translation

At Spark English, you and your company have a translation agency that offers a complete package of services, with video subtitling and the translation of subtitles from English to Portuguese or from Portuguese to English, in addition to the creation of content and our service of video transcription. You have the reassurance of an experienced team, with translation services executed in several areas like Education, Marketing, Sales, Information Technology, Human Resources, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical Industry, among others.

Meet Spark English, much more than a translation company. Your new business partner, with trained professionals and large experience in customers of all sizes, to support your company’s growth.

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