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The standardization of processes and staff turnover at the companies have transformed collaborator training in an essential success factor in this current competitive scenario. Other factors that can demand the need for training in a company are: implementation of a new system, like an ERP or specialized software, implementation of a process methodology, creation of a new line of products or services, among others.

The possibility of making training programs available digitally for all the units in your company, through simple ways like shared folders or tools like Dropbox, or through more structured formats using tools like SharePoint or a File Manager, allows the dissemination of knowledge and, more importantly, makes updating this content an easy process.

On this basis, in case you have units abroad, it is indispensable to translate the material from English to Portuguese so it can be consumed by the Brazilian team, and from Portuguese to English, so the international units can have access to knowledge. However, our experience shows that the translation services of training material can attend different needs than this initial scenario.

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If your company purchased a SaaS software for internal use, many of the new tools are from startups in the US or in Southern Asia countries, and all the documentation is obviously in English. If you have invested in the software, what is the best option: to not fully take advantage of your investment or to invest a little more and translate the software training material from English to Portuguese, guaranteeing that your team can learn from it?

In case your company develops a product or a service that you currently distribute in Brazil, but with the potential of international distribution in the future, why not invest in the creation of all the user training material in English? You will be ready to increase your sales, as well as having discussions with potential investors for your company.

Therefore, do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today: contact the translation company that gives you the best cost/benefit ratio to take care of the translation services that you need to train your internal team and end users. We offer packages and plans specially created for the needs of your company.

Meet Spark English, much more than a translation company. Your new business partner, with trained professionals and large experience in customers of all sizes, to support your company’s growth.

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