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Probably, just like most people, you use Google or another search engine like Bing or Yahoo to find something you want to know or buy. According to recent surveys in the North American market, 77% of people do some type of online search before making a purchase. Thus, the need to have a site and invest on website translation so your company can be found became something essential.

Another fact that many companies have realized is that it isn’t enough to just have a website. The site has to be developed according to the current digital marketing techniques so it is well ranked by Google and found on the first search pages. Therefore, at Spark English, when we receive at our translation agency a quote to translate a site, our focus goes beyond the content, as we perform an analysis to optimize this content and help our customers attract more visitors.

Digital Marketing Advantages

In this new scenario, digital marketing has grown in importance, because it presentes many advantages when compared to other marketing strategies:

– Unlike other forms of marketing, with a site on the internet you can use digital marketing strategies through social networks, Google, online advertising campaigns, in addition to other sites.
– Everything is measurable, in other words, through free or paid online tools, you can identify the return on your marketing investment and prioritize what is bringing better results.
– Your website is a platform where you can not only show your products and services, but also use it to educate or entertain your visitors, creating long-term value and helping the attraction of potential loyal customers.

Website Localization and Translation

Considering the fact that the internet is a global market, which can be accessed by any person who is interested in what you are offering, anywhere in the world, it is very important that your website content is translated in English. Besides expanding your potential market, your site will build up credibility after translating the content in the visitors’ areas to English.

For companies that want to service specific international markets, where it is necessary to customize the language according to the cultural aspects of these countries, Spark is a translation company that offers website localization services. In addition to the site content translation, our translators make the necessary adjustments in the text so your company tells the message in a format that your international customer is used to, increasing conversion rates.

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We are Specialized in Optimizing and Translating Sites

At Spark English, in an exclusive service for translation companies in Brazil, in addition to the English translation services, we offer digital marketing consulting to optimize your website, through an evaluation of usability, SEO and the correct use of “Call-to-Action” buttons and links.

Your website is your online home, and to increase the number of visitors and help to maintain them on the page, our team has large experience on the complete translation of sites: menu, titles, texts, tables, header and footer, always taking into consideration your target audience and the use of appropriate language according to the local culture and business area.

We help your company with the technical issues involved in updating your site, with the installation of translation plug-ins on your WordPress website, recommendation of translation tools and proofreading the content of site translators.

Content Marketing

For a website to remain relevant and well ranked by the search engines, it is important for websites of any business segment to have a blog, to regularly post relevant content that will make potential customers return constantly to the site, increasing the possibility of generating sales. As we know the importance of this subject for the success of a company in the online market, we offer services of creation and translation of blog content, to guarantee that your company is always considered and authority in the subject that it represents.

We also offer monthly maintenance plans for bilingual websites, to guarantee that any change on the content of your site is correctly translated in the English version.

Complete Solution for Your Company

Our team has 15 years of experience in technology projects, notably in website development and digital marketing strategies; therefore, you will have all the necessary support on the translation of your website, as well as for the project of having an international online presence.

Meet Spark English, much more than a translation company. Your new business partner, with trained professionals and large experience in customers of all sizes, to support your company’s growth.

Send us a message on the form on this page to ask for a quote or to know more about our monthly plans with lower costs.

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