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The way a company communicates with its collaborators and the market portrays its image and can impact on the quality perception of its products and services. Communication and Marketing strategies help to create competitive advantages in the market. Our translation agency understands that more than a communications or press agent, our customers need a Partner that can service all their internal, content and digital marketing needs.

Your company must have a global message, regardless of the language. However, we all have seen the incorrect use of certain terms in literal translations, without taking into consideration colloquial expressions used by local cultures. Thus, to have a global message, you need the support of a translation company with experience in the Marketing and Communication market.

International Marketing and Communication

Think about some of the activities in your daily routine where communication in English is important for your company:
– Your company has international units and you need a single company voice, respecting local cultures.
– You want to expand to foreign markets and need to create marketing strategies in English.
– Your company is searching for international suppliers to reduce costs and/or improve the quality of your production inputs and needs to be assertive when communicating to negotiate the best deal possible.
– You wish to keep a great relationship with your international customers, as well as looking for new customers to expand your portfolio.
– Your company has a digital service or product with global reach.

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Content Marketing

At Spark English, we currently service large companies, supporting the production of content in English for internal communications, internal and external publications, as well as press releases. We also support small and medium size companies with an international presence or that are starting their process of internationalization, as a product or service supplier focused on expanding markets and generating sales, or as company that has international partners in their supply chain.

Our team has large experience in the Portuguese and English translation of marketing and communication texts and understands the regional differences that are essential for the effectiveness of the company’s message. We also work with press agents to create marketing content in English and Portuguese, to support announcements for product and service launches, as well as important announcements for your customer base. For companies with Research & Development projects and that need to publish their studies, we have a team specialized on the translation of scientific and technical texts.

Digital Communication

Currently, digital communication presents the best cost/benefit ratio to attract new customers and communicate with your customer base. Through segmentation techniques to attract a target audience for the ideal products and services, and SEO strategies to increase the number of visitors who can find you, digital content marketing became something that can give you an advantage over your competitors. Our translation company is specialized in digital marketing and goes beyond the simple content translation, offering you customer attraction and conversion strategies.

Generating content for company blogs, e-mail marketing campaigns and optimizing website service and product pages, can improve the search rankings of your website on Google for the keywords relevant to your business. Thus, Spark English offers complete digital marketing services, focused on results.

Digital Marketing on Social Networks

A Facebook post with a message that is misunderstood can destroy the reputation of your company. Therefore, in addition to use all strategies to maximize the communication power of social network platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus, for companies that want to communicate to a global market, it is essential the support of a translation agency that knows all cultural details of using English in different regions, when translating your online posts.

Furthermore, our specialists will support you with social ads management, analytical stats and content planning, so the social networks can become one of the main tools to attract customers to your site and your business.

Meet Spark English, much more than a translation company. Your new business partner, with trained professionals and large experience in customers of all sizes, to support your company’s growth.

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