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The global market is a reality, and at the same time that it creates new obstacles to internal growth due to the presence in the Brazilian market of imported products, it opens new opportunities for Brazilian companies in other countries. Technical translation is a fundamental part of the process of preparation and planning of Brazilian companies doing international trade, as effective communication in all languages that your company operates is a basic requirement for new markets.

Effective communication through all channels

When it comes to communication, to establish an international presence is a much greater challenge than having a team with advanced knowledge of languages or maintain a glossary of technical terms used in the company’s sector. Technical translations must be a part of all contact points with your customers, business partners, government and legal agencies in each country, and suppliers.
Therefore, you need a translation company to support your company with expertise in several channels, ensuring that the language used is optimized to follow the potential of communication with his interlocutors:

Website Translation – in addition to the precision in technical translation to show the specialties of your company, you need a translation agency specializing in digital marketing, to ensure that the published content can be easily found by search engines such as Google and especially, your potential customers.

– Translation of Manuals and Packaging – from the moment that your product is on the market, the impact of a botched translation is very costly to reverse, so ensure that all manual and packaging accompanying the products show the same excellence of the end product that comes out of your production line.

Translation of Contracts and Legal Documents – the impact of a poorly translated term in a contract may impact the profit of a negotiation and generate a large liability. Seek the support of a translation company to ensure the effectiveness of your legal process for international contracts.

Marketing Translations – it is important that the technical translation is perfect, but at the same time it should be done with the marketing area in mind, so that the language adoptted to attract customers uses expressions and terms used by the local market you want to sell, not just a literal translation.

Video Subtitling – generating video content has proven to be a very effective way for marketing actions or to show the features of a product. In addition to expertise in technical translations, we offer our customers a team that specializes in video subtitling and audio transcription, so that your company can centralize all your communication needs with only one supplier.

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Specialized language for any market

Regardless of the area your company, or the niche market that your products services, our team of translators can meet your technical translation needs, and serve customers in the following segments:

– Technology
– Supply Chain
– Plastics
– Metal-mechanic
– Dental
– Health
– Agriculture
– Finance
– Sports
– Food
– Wines
– Clothing & Shoes
– Make Up
– Tourism

Translation as an investment for your company

We know that a current key challenge for companies is the retention of talent and knowledge. Therefore, at Spark English, we offer our customers the generation of translation memories and glossaries that can be made available to all employees, ensuring that knowledge is part of the company’s processes and disseminated to the entire team.

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Other translation services offered by our company:

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